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Technical Analysis

Your project is not meeting your expectations, an outside perspective is what you need.


Team Analysis

Are your teams failing to inspire confidence in you? The solution will be unclear but probably simple to resolve ethically.



With our decades of experience you can actually gain an edge over your competitors instead of shooting yourself in the foot.

System Architecture

Decades of experience and a current understanding of bleeding edge technologies and their pitfalls is vital for good system design.

Critical Feedback

Lastbreed relies on over 2 decades of experience across multiple environments to provide you with critical insight into how to fix your problems.

Whether it’s a global scalable check-in system for a global leader aerospace client, finding out why your teams are under performing or looking where to invest in times of a global recession in an ever changing market.


Check with us to see if we have the knowledge you need.



Are silo’d programmers breaking

Rowing with The Oxford Academicals through Abingdon

Discrete, honest and with integrity

We love our work and if we can’t help we will tell you

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OpenAI News Feeds



Custom Collected Parsed News & Comments

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AI Art Consultancy




Custom weighted ML models & configs for AI created art

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Custom network and 3D engine

Fully scalable 100 player + networked experiments














Investment Bank Tooling

(Under NDA )

Drone perimeter alert defence management system and NASA funded rover mapping and planning over LORAWAN EDGE & WAN @ Milton SP Oxford


The backend for the new British Airways check in system, created with a skeleton crew of 2. To try it out just download the app and witness the glory.


Crypto Analysis

With an attained ROI of over 6,000%

Custom AI art generation models and weights




See the gallery for all our generated art made from custom weights and model setups






The Team

Code Architect


Design Specialist



Product Manager