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System Architecture

Decades of experience and a current understanding of bleeding edge technologies and their pitfalls is vital for good system design.

Critical Feedback

Lastbreed relies on over 2 decades of experience across multiple environments to provide you with critical insight into how to fix your problems.

Whether it’s a global scalable check-in system for a global leader aerospace client, finding out why your teams are under performing or looking where to invest in times of a global recession in an ever changing market.

Check with us to see if we have the knowledge you need.



Are silo’d programmers breaking

Technical Analysis

Your project is not meeting your expectations, an outside perspective is what you need.

Team Analysis

Are your teams failing to inspire confidence in you? The solution will be unclear but probably simple to resolve ethically.


With our decades of experience you can actually gain an edge over your competitors instead of shooting yourself in the foot.

Rowing with The Oxford Academicals through Abingdon

Discrete, honest and with integrity

We love our work and if we can’t help we will tell you


Investment Bank Tooling

(Under NDA )

OpenAI News Feeds

Custom Collected Parsed News & Comments

[ FEED ]

AI Art Consultancy

Custom weighted ML models & configs for AI created art

[ Portfolio ]

Custom network and 3D engine

Fully scalable 100 player + networked experiments

Public Release TBA

The backend for the new British Airways check in system, created with a skeleton crew of 2. To try it out just download the app and witness the glory. ( Under NDA )

Drone perimeter alert defence management system and NASA funded rover mapping and planning over LORAWAN EDGE & WAN @ Milton SP Oxford

(Under NDA )

Crypto Analysis

With an attained ROI of over 6,000%

#AI Consultancy

In an era where Artificial Intelligence is reshaping the business landscape, our consultancy offers unparalleled expertise to help high-net-worth clients and firms navigate the AI revolution. Our services are tailored to meet the needs of discerning clients, aligning with the standards of elite consultancies

Capitalization on Human Ingenuity in AI Integration

Our approach begins with leveraging the irreplaceable human traits of creativity, empathy, and ethical judgment. We understand that while AI can process data, it cannot replicate the nuanced understanding and innovative solutions born of human insight. We assist businesses in incorporating this human touch into their AI-driven strategies, ensuring a balanced and effective approach to automation and artificial intelligence.

Specialized AI Integration Solutions

As AI Integration Specialists, we delve deep into the mechanics of AI, exploring its potential and recognizing its limitations. Our team offers bespoke services to businesses grappling with AI adaptation, creating solutions that merge the efficiency of AI with the creative problem-solving skills of the human mind. We ensure your business not only keeps pace with AI advancements but leads the charge in innovation.

AI Ethics and Trust Consultancy

In a world increasingly concerned with the moral and ethical ramifications of AI, we stand as a pillar of guidance and authority. Our consultancy provides in-depth advice on the ethical use of AI, helping businesses navigate these complex waters. By building a foundation of trust and ethical practice, we position our clients at the forefront of responsible AI usage.

AI-Augmented Content Mastery

While AI has the capability to generate content, it often lacks the ‘human touch’ that makes content genuinely engaging. We specialize in blending AI-generated content with human creativity, resulting in unique and compelling narratives across various platforms including blogs, vlogs, and podcasts. This service ensures that your content stands out in an oversaturated digital world.

Educational Workshops and Seminars

Knowledge is power in the age of AI. We offer comprehensive workshops and seminars, designed to educate businesses and individuals on coexisting and thriving alongside AI. These educational services are not just about survival in a new digital era, but about mastering it, turning AI advancements into opportunities for growth and innovation.

Our consultancy prides itself on a pragmatic and forward-thinking approach, ensuring our clients are not just prepared for the future of AI, but are actively shaping it. Contact us to explore how we can assist your business in harnessing the potential of AI while maintaining the invaluable human element that drives true innovation.

Ask about our other services

  • Consultancy in Finance, Gov & Aerospace: Domain specific experience to seemingly drop into place to do your work.
  • AI & Machine Learning Solutions: From private chatGPTs for your data systems to video content production. Seriously, in days. Create standalone private ChatGPT Mac and iOS applications that allow 7 Billion Parameter LLMs for the offline querying of AI. This rivals the functionality of ChatGPT 3.5 and offers the added benefit of low bias and censorship on the queries.
  • Cloud Infrastructure Management: AWS, Docker, MicroServices, you name we can do it or source it.
  • IoT Solutions: Based on your work with drones and LoRaWAN.
  • Case Studies: Scroll to see our case studies an ask us for more information
  • Technical Blog: Insights from our consultancy are shared under the hashtag #lastbreedconsultancy
  • Client Testimonials: Please request our Linkedin Testimonials by emailing us.
  • Certifications & Partnerships: We believe the best proof of our abilities is in our completed work and experiences, browse the site for what you need.

Dont forget to check out our work on offline AI Latent Diffusion Models, LORAS and more

See the gallery for all our generated art made from custom weights and model setups





Financial tooling is one of our strengths, get into contact to find out more. Below is a little taster, it includes a dynamically generated BTC chart which takes into account the MA and a trendline calculated on the MoonMath & Gompertz sigmoid growth function Paper

Bitcoin with a Metcalfe trend line and ETH chart
CryptoPunks and Bored Apes, the 2 most famous NFTS
Bitcoin, ETH, Solana, ChainLink and Cardano
A mapping of Kujira against Solana
Like this? See the full charts on the Finance Page

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Code Architect Engineer

Research Data Analyst

Design Specialist Curator


Social Media Strategy




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