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Exclusive Social Branding Services for Influencers

Welcome to Lastbreed — Where Your Influence Blooms
In the digital garden of social media, every influencer dreams of blossoming, reaching wider audiences, and creating an unforgettable impact. At Lastbreed, we don't just help you grow; we ensure you flourish with colors that turn heads and scents that draw crowds.
Why Lastbreed?
In a world constantly buzzing with content, standing out is not just an art—it's a science. That's where we step in. With our bespoke social branding and content strategies tailored to influencers like you, we're not just about growth. We're about blooming in style, making sure your brand leaves a lasting impression.
Our Exclusive Packages
Student Package: Perfect for the budding influencer ready to expand beyond their roots. Dive into custom content strategies, hashtag research, and engagement tactics that guarantee organic growth without the need for artificial boosts.
PRINCESS Package: Designed for influencers prepared to reign over their domain. Enjoy advanced strategies, targeted research, and engagement amplification plans that ensure your influence is not just seen but felt and remembered.
QUEEN Package: The ultimate package for the influencer who commands attention and respect. With premium content strategies, personalized Instagram stories, and elite analytics insights, your brand will not only attract followers but loyal subjects.
Exclusive Bonuses
With each package, indulge in bonuses designed to pamper and reward. From short stays at our Oxford design studio house to VIP access to exclusive events, we're about giving you the royal treatment you deserve.
Why Choose Us?
Focus on Niche Specialization: We dive deep into your niche, ensuring personalized strategies that resonate with your audience.
Automation and Tools: Embrace efficiency with our cutting-edge tools, freeing you to focus on what truly matters—your content.
Delegation and Team Building: Our specialized team is your team. From content creation to analytics, we've got you covered.
Passive Income Streams: Beyond growth, we explore opportunities for you to earn passively, ensuring a flourishing brand and wallet.
Scalable Business Models: Our strategies are designed for growth, ensuring that as you expand, your branding efforts do too, effortlessly.
Strategic Partnerships: Leverage our network for collaborations that amplify your influence beyond your current reach.
Begin Your Journey to Royalty
Are you ready to transform your influence into a kingdom where every post, story, and hashtag counts? Where your brand isn't just seen but remembered and revered?
Join Lastbreed today, and let's start crafting your legacy.

Starter Package


Service Potential Pricing Bartering Options Description Empowerment for Your Business
Custom Content Strategy $300 per month Expertise in SEO, branding Tailored content plans for engagement. Cross-promotion, additional reach
Hashtag Research $150 per month Tagged posts for products/services Niche-specific hashtag strategies. Network introductions, expansion
Engagement Tactics $200 per month Exclusive content, travel opportunities Custom tactics for organic growth. Product insights, investment feedback
Instagram Stories Strategy $200 per month Feature content, access to Oxford house Engaging story content. Audience data via polls, Q&As
Analytics Tracking $100 per month Tailored products/services for audience Advanced analytics and optimization. Social media improvements

BONUS: Short stays at shoot locations, covered travel expenses for annual meetups.

Spartan Package


Service Potential Pricing Bartering Options Description Empowerment for Your Business
Advanced Content Strategy $600 per month In-depth expertise in niche branding Enhanced content strategy for higher engagement. Strategic cross-promotion, wider reach
Targeted Hashtag Research $200 per month Advanced tagging strategies Deep analytics for growth. Enhanced network introductions
Engagement Amplification Plan $400 per month Exclusive content, premium giveaways Amplified engagement tactics. Early access to product insights, deeper feedback
Exclusive Instagram Stories $400 per month Premium content features, luxury location access High-quality story creation. Marketable insights, premium audience engagement
Comprehensive Analytics Review $200 per month Insights for audience growth In-depth review and strategy optimization. Data-driven enhancements

BONUS: VIP Access to exclusive events, spa treatments during annual meetups.

Elite Package


Service Potential Pricing Bartering Options Description Empowerment for Your Business
Premium Content Strategy $1,200 per month Strategic branding and SEO mastery High-level strategy for maximum conversion. Cross-promotion, significant reach expansion
Advanced Hashtag and SEO Research $400 per month Tailored posts for maximum visibility SEO-optimized hashtag use for growth. Access to exclusive network connections
Custom Engagement Solutions $800 per month Tailored content and unique travel opportunities Bespoke engagement plans for top-tier growth. Insights on new products, robust investment feedback
Personalized Instagram Stories $800 per month Custom content, global location access Personalized story strategies for elite engagement. Unique market data, exclusive audience insights
Elite Analytics and Insights $400 per month Custom reports for strategic decisions Top-tier analytics for comprehensive optimization. Enhanced social media strategy and performance

BONUS: Additional benefits including personalized services, travel, spa and exclusive access to top-tier events.

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